Cap-Horn cruise and Beagle channel glaciers

There are places where nature speaks to you, Patagonia is without a doubt one of these spaces. Waterfall run-off, glacier crunching, whistling wind in the screaming fifties shrouds, snow, sometimes hail, whale blast, condor flying and royal albatrosses are here to remind you that the human race is only tolerated with the condition of being attentive to this nature that is beyond us. But rest assured we know the area well.
      We will leave to discover the famous SENO (sort of fjord) of the Chilean channels where the glaciers pour into the sea in a dizzying crash, a universe of eternal snow mountains and waterfalls, our course in the Brazo northwest and southwest BEAGLE channel will make us pass through anchorages of unparalleled beauty, the seno PIA with its three glaciers, cinco estrellas (« five stars » which is aptly named), caleta COLOANE with its two glaciers, glacier FOUQUE, for the most famous. Then descend on the Wollaston archipelago, near the famous Cape Horn and the Cape HORN crossing if the weather conditions are favorable.

Wildlife observation (penguins, sea lions, whales, albatross, condors, etc..) and local flora (lichens, arbores banderas) will be your daily routine.

We will sail during the day, and will be safe at the anchorage, with the boat maintened by ropes tied to the trees during the nights.

A trip in a virgin nature that you will keep etched in the deepest of your soul.

Each year:

Date From November 4th to April 1st
Recommended dates 15 jours / 14 nuits
Pricing 210 euros/jour + onboard expenses 35 euros/jour
Cap Horn and Patagonia shcedule Du 23 octobre au 06 novembre 2020 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 13 novembre au 27 novembre 2020 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 03 décembre au 17 décembre 2020 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 23 décembre au 06 janvier 2021 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 13 janvier au 22 janvier 2021 (cap Horn seul 10 jours)
Du 29 janvier au 12 février 2021 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 19 février au 05 mars 2021 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 12 mars au 26 mars 2021 (Horn et glaciers)
Du 02 avril au 16 avril 2021 (Horn et glaciers)
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