Cap-Horn cruise and Beagle channel glaciers

Our sailboat will leave Ushuaia (Argentina) South of the Tierra del Fuego, heading to Patagonia, Chile.
We will get to discover famous Seno (fjords) of the Chilean channels, where the glaciers flow into the sea in a dizzying crash, a snowcapped mountains universe dotted with waterfalls. Our trip in the north west and south west brazo of the Beagle channel will get us to unparalleled beauty anchorages and along the way, for the most famous of them, the 3 glaciers of the Pia Seno, cinco estrellas (well-names "five stars"), caleta Coloane and its 2 glaciers, the Fouque glacier. Then we will be heading on the Wollaston archipelago, near the famous Cap Horn si weather conditions are kind enough.

Wildlife observation (penguins, sea lions, whales, albatross, condors, etc..) and local flora (lichens, arbores banderas) will be your daily routine.

We will sail during the day, and will be safe at the anchorage, with the boat maintened by ropes tied to the trees during the nights.

A trip in a virgin nature that you will keep etched in the deepest of your soul.

Each year:

First date From October 25th to January 2nd
2nd date From February 15th to April 8th
Recommended dates 14 days
Cap Horn and Patagonia shcedule From October 25th to November 08th From November 11th to November 24th
From November 30th to December 13th
From December 18th to January 01st
From February 17th to March 02nd
From March 06th to March 19th
From March 24th to April 06th
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